EdgeProtect Plus

Fodral till Chromebooks 11″. Passar till följande Chromebooks:

Acer 11″ C732 and C733, Acer 11″ C721, Asus C204 11″ , Dell 3100 2-in-1 Convertible,  Dell 5190/3100 Clamshell, Dell 5190 2-in-1 Convertible, HP 14″ G5, HP 1″ G6 EE and G7 EE , HP X360 11″ G2 EE , HP X360 Probook 11″ G3 EE , Lenovo 100e 11″ G2, MTK Chipset Lenovo 300e 11″ G2 , Lenovo 300e Windows/Yoga 11″ G2

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Exclusively designed for a perfect fit with Chromebooks 11"
Innovative FrameGuard design enhances drop protection while reducing bulk and weight over previous designs
Bottom bumper-frame attaches easily with peel-and-place adhesive tape
Stay-put, commercial-grade tape evenly distributes vibration for greater drop protection
Shock-absorbing top bumpers safeguard edges and corners
Fortified corners overlap bottom of closed device, further protecting vulnerable corners
Impact-resistant polycarbonate top guards against scratches, dings and dirt
Ideal for schools, with budget-friendly pricing
Perfect-fit design never interferes with any device capabilities or functions
Molded ergonomic tab for easy, comfortable open/close
Custom colors and logos available with minimum order quantities
Lightweight design fits easily into backpacks for comfortable carrying
Enables easy asset-tagging, even with the case on
Eco-conscious design with less material waste, for easier disposal and a reduced carbon footprint
Fits virtually all charging carts